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Marching orders!

Marching orders!

Okay, I’ve kept my promise! No New Year resolution nagging in January. As you may recall, I launched a bit of a pre-emptive strike in December!
Instead a March solution!

But, I must firstly remark that I was impressed! Most of you were relatively restrained throughout our delightful festive season, with very few reports of over the top weight gain or a desperate cry for a detox!
Excellent self-restraint!

However… (Yes, I can hear you, “Oh no, here she goes, up on her hobby horse about improving dietary and exercise regimes!”). But no, I am here to urge dietary excess! Yes, too good to be true!

I want a positive over consumption of vegetables, whole grains (preferably gluten free) legumes and water! Plus at least two pieces of seasonal fruits per day. Oily fish and organic chicken can be added to our repertoire in moderation.

And what’s more, I urge an abundant participation in all forms of exercise.
Choose your favourite form, and commit to an over expenditure of energy and enthusiasm.

That leaves no room for sugar, refined carbs, red meat, caffeine, alcohol and generally speaking all processed foods. And definitely no room for wasting time slouching around avoiding raising your heart rate.

You’ll be positively radiant and blooming with good health following a month of participation in my March solution!

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