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I feel so much better…

Thanks Jill 🙂
It feels kinda weird knowing I feel so much better and don’t need to see you . At least in the short term. I’m sure I will talk to you again when something pops up.

You’ve been awesome to me . And I have felt that you’re not just a naturopath to me but a friend too.  You’re so gifted and I am so damn lucky to have been given your book that led me to your clinic door.  I have no doubt in my mind I would still be sick without your help.  I don’t see any other being able to fix me like you did.  Everytime I speak to someone who has some kind of health issue I always give them your clinic number and name.  I hope you can pass your knowledge onto someone . Will be sad when you retire one day. Hopefully you can pass your knowledge onto someone else to carry on your brilliance .
~ Mark

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