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Hi Jill, Great to hear from you, was funny as I had started to draft you an email after receiving your newsletter as I was interested to read to find out your next Paris dates. I was hoping to catch up with you in either Paris or London again. I am well. I have been in London for almost 3 months straight now. I was due back to Melbourne some weeks ago however, the initial volcano ash situation put an end to that and my flight was cancelled. So, I decided to stay put in London and work on through the volcano ash situation.
In relation to my immune system, if you ever want an glowing referral or case study I am happy to help you. I initially saw you in September 2008 after constant chest and respiratory infections and then a case of pneumonia. Since seeing you and undertaking your treatment I am even amazed at the strength of my new immune system! I haven’t taken any supplements s etc. since I ran out late last year and I haven’t had even a runny nose! Which is quite amazing as I am still flying, working crazy hours and pushing out the kilometers on my bike. So, thank you very much.
I will most likely book a follow up consultation with you for when I am back. I will revert back to ASAP to confirm an appointment date. As most likely I may need a re-tune up!
~ Greg

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