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A pre-Christmas resolution!

A pre-Christmas resolution!

New Year resolutions are made too late!  Best to make a few decisions prior to Christmas to arrive in the New Year in a healthy and self-satisfied state.

Here are a few to consider.

Don’t overeat on Christmas Day… especially if you have two family get‑togethers… but all of us should think ahead and restrain ourselves at lunch. By-pass Christmas pudding, pavlova, the mince tart. Do we really need a sugar hit after a meat, fish or chicken eat-fest?! I think not.’

Increase your exercise regime prior to Christmas. Burn off a few extra calories in anticipation of a probable increase in calories in the few weeks leading to Christmas.

Install an action plan for alcohol consumption. A few glasses of wine with Christmas lunch is fine, but do we really need a pre-lunch cocktail or a post-lunch port or brandy?

And best of all, by embracing the festive season this way, with a tiny forethought, there will be no stern or tough New Year resolution advice from me early in 2018!

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