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A mini detox… while the naturopath is away!

A mini detox… while the naturopath is away!

Ten to twelve weeks is the perfect amount of time to undertake a mini-detox. And while I’m away I think I need to give you a little light homework. (Elephant stamps and gold stars will be awarded upon my return!)

Here’s the plan. You are all going to do a painless detox while I’m out of earshot. Here’s how it works.

No gluten, red meat (that includes duck, shellfish, sausages), canned, dried frozen fruit or vegetables.
No cow’s milk products (goat or sheep milk is fine and of course rice, soy and nut milk products are also okay).
No peanuts or roasted/salted nuts, no butter, canola oil, margarine, peanut oil. No additives, preservatives, artificial colours, sugar, soft drinks, alcohol, fruit juices or coffee.
Drink 2 litres of pure water each day and if you spend an extra 5–10 minutes each day before your shower, dry skin brushing, you’ll be in my good books. Use a firm bristled brush or loofah and scrub the skin of the arms, legs and back quite briskly, brushing in an upward motion. The skin is the major organ of elimination and as dead skin cells accumulate, they reduce the skin’s ability to detoxify.

Yes, I can hear you all groaning now. What on earth has got into her? She’ll be in France indulging in baguettes, goat’s cheese, the occasional glass of rosé, and she’s put us on a rigid regime!”

It will do you all the world of good, and to be charitable, if you really can’t give up the coffee, limit it to one per day. . . the rest is easy.

Also when detoxing, consider your cleaning products and personal care products. Avoid cleaning products or air fresheners that are fragranced or made from chemical ingredients, opting for natural products. Personal care products and cosmetics are another potential source of chemicals that disrupt the detox process. As many ingredients are absorbed through the skin, it is vital to assess the products you are using and avoid using products which contain health disrupters such as, aluminium, benzyl peroxide, BPA, propylene glycol, parabens, sodium laurel sulphate, toluene etc.

In other words, keep all your personal care products as close to nature as possible.

I can guarantee, by the time I return, you will all be in tip‑top condition, bright eyes, shiny hair, clear complexions and jumping out or your skin with detoxed energy.

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